Blacksburg Songs 95-99
Album Title: Blacksburg Songs 95-99
Artists: Algebra One
Released: 2017-05-05
Format: MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Genre: EMO,Music,Alternative
Price: Free
Catalog Number: 94725 36763

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Spit.mp3, Engine Falters.mp3, Nautical Mile.mp3, Turnabout Intruder.mp3, Chinese Zodiac.mp3, Would You Be Mine.mp3, Ten.mp3, One Mile Radius.mp3, More Encouragement.mp3, Bed Post Broken.mp3, Bury Yourself.mp3, Crimewave to Your Heart.mp3, Burn Your Way Home.mp3, Wiretap.mp3, Fireball.mp3, The Dead Horses.mp3, Backseat Sleeper.mp3, The Bells of Tokyo.mp3, New Airborne Disease.mp3, Reverb.mp3, Truer Love at Higher Altitudes.mp3, Knives.mp3, Mint Juleps at Sunset.mp3, Diversion.mp3, Fanzine.mp3, Twist and Pout.mp3, Sabrina.mp3, Roman Candles.mp3, Automatic Angel.mp3, My T-Shirt Is Killing Me (4-Track Demo).mp3, I Think We're Spiraling into the Sun (4-Track Demo).mp3, Tonight Is the Night I Will Shoot the Moon (4-Track Demo).mp3, Fanzine (Live on Wuvt).mp3, So Happy (Live on Wuvt).mp3, Burn Your Way Home (Live at Twisters).mp3, New Airborne Disease (Live at Twisters).mp3, Fireball (Live at Twisters).mp3, Knives (Live at Twisters).mp3, Truer Love at Higher Altitudes (Live at Twisters).mp3, Sabrina (Live at Twisters).mp3, The Dead Horses (Live at Twisters).mp3,

About Algebra One

Blacksburg Songs 95-99

Algebra One

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    4:52 Spit.mp3
    4:12 Engine Falters.mp3
    3:54 Nautical Mile.mp3
    3:55 Turnabout Intruder.mp3
    4:44 Chinese Zodiac.mp3
    2:20 Would You Be Mine.mp3
    3:21 Ten.mp3
    4:21 One Mile Radius.mp3
    3:33 More Encouragement.mp3
    4:31 Bed Post Broken.mp3
    5:44 Bury Yourself.mp3
    4:17 Crimewave to Your Heart.mp3
    3:34 Burn Your Way Home.mp3
    3:19 Wiretap.mp3
    5:43 Fireball.mp3
    2:47 The Dead Horses.mp3
    4:16 Backseat Sleeper.mp3
    5:53 The Bells of Tokyo.mp3
    4:22 New Airborne Disease.mp3
    11:00 Reverb.mp3
    3:28 Truer Love at Higher Altitudes.mp3
    3:58 Knives.mp3
    7:14 Mint Juleps at Sunset.mp3
    2:00 Diversion.mp3
    2:54 Fanzine.mp3
    6:41 Twist and Pout.mp3
    3:51 Sabrina.mp3
    2:13 Roman Candles.mp3
    2:22 Automatic Angel.mp3
    3:14 My T-Shirt Is Killing Me (4-Track Demo).mp3
    3:27 I Think We're Spiraling into the Sun (4-Track Demo).mp3
    4:35 Tonight Is the Night I Will Shoot the Moon (4-Track Demo).mp3
    3:44 Fanzine (Live on Wuvt).mp3
    5:01 So Happy (Live on Wuvt).mp3
    3:57 Burn Your Way Home (Live at Twisters).mp3
    4:24 New Airborne Disease (Live at Twisters).mp3
    5:33 Fireball (Live at Twisters).mp3
    3:37 Knives (Live at Twisters).mp3
    3:31 Truer Love at Higher Altitudes (Live at Twisters).mp3
    4:06 Sabrina (Live at Twisters).mp3
    4:08 The Dead Horses (Live at Twisters).mp3
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